Cassette 2016

by Scolding

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released May 7, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben Knightbus in April 2016



all rights reserved


Scolding Montreal, Québec

Frank, Matt, Tom, Jay & Antoine

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Track Name: Bureaucracide
stealing your precious hours
circling forever closer
spending the fruits of your labour
roaming the city’s towers

clawing at all you have
ripping apart your life
roaming the city’s towers
circling forever closer

vultures !

the powers that be maintain themselves
and are we are is food to them
Track Name: Venting Hate
beat my head against the wall
fuck the world I hate you all
your lives are all fucking bores
I can’t stand what you stand for

buy a house and buy a car
choke the land in blood and tar
saturate the air I breathe
all to satisfy their greed

all I’ve got to offer you is hate
all that you inspire me is hate
Track Name: Manufacturing Terror
bombing for peace
to save face and make space for expansion
we’re minding our business
cause war is our business and business is awesome

keep fabricating the bad guys
we’re paying for training and shipping them weapons
all while making sure they think they’re the chosen ones

make sure they’re brown and foreign
cause the public wouldn’t understand
and racism sells more flags and guns than unity ever did

silence the thinking ones
we need to maintain war to sell these bombs
steal this oil, replace their leaders, it’s all so convenient

we sort them out by skin and religion
easily packaged to be put on your TV set
the people need us to spark their hate
then patriotism will do the rest
Track Name: Distance
thirty years of suffering
locked up inside my own mind
I can’t erase decades of mistakes
can’t retrace what’s gone wrong in time

step forward then back
for lack of a thing to say
dozens of people
I’d like to but can’t engage
can’t explain
what led to this shyness
can’t see a reason
for this paralysis

can’t live another decade feeling this tense
“set me free” through the silence I beg ya’
I’m losing hair, losing hope, losing patience
contemplating death to escape dementia
Track Name: Tumors
skin crawling with tumors, cancer spreads like rumors
and when I die they’ll say it’s better late than never
Track Name: Alone
We roam the night
in search of anything remotely
exciting and fresh to feast our eyes
or get our hands on

but the dreams we are chasing
if they come, come few and far between
so empty-handed
we head back to our lairs

and the lights
in our lives
are but tubes and LCDs
we are moths
ever drawn to
and fascinated by TV screens

we are alone
all of us in different parts of town
our backs pinned into boxes
scattered upon the ground
alone, indifferent

We roam the streets
in search of anything remotely
exciting and fresh to feast our eyes
and maybe sink our teeth in

but the dreams we are chasing
if they come, come few and far between
so empty-handed
we head back underground

and the lights
in our eyes
have dimmed over the years
while the hopes
in our hearts
have transformed into fears
Track Name: Bleed the Pigs
gouging away
you bleed us dry again and again
you had it coming
for all the lives you’ve taken

oppression as a hobby
the luxury of threat
power to lie and to dispense
brutality unchecked

your misconduct unreported
covered up by your own peers
accountability non-existent
within your command structure

your abuse has been going on too long
untamed but not unnoticed

the bones you crush beneath your boots
the blood you spill, the broken jaws
the billy clubs and plastic shields
tear gas cans, shackled hands

add up to a mountain of distrust
add up to our widespread disgust

the truth you seek to hide
will eventually override your lies
authority will fall
dragged down by the number of your victims
and when the barrier snaps
you won’t amount to anything
and when we police the police
no one’s gonna save you
from the fury of the formerly peaceful